Choosing the Right IGCSE Subjects: A Student’s Guide

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  • Sarvesh Purekar
  • 15 Jun, 2024
  • 2 Mins Read

Choosing the Right IGCSE Subjects: A Student’s Guide

Cambridge International has recognised IGCSE as one of the best educational qualifications. With the global adoption of the IGCSE curriculum, an increasing number of schools are incorporating it into their curricula. Having said that, here are the steps for selecting the correct IGCSE subjects when searching for IGCSE classes in Borivali:

Understanding Your Interests and Strengths

When choosing subject combinations for IGCSE, the first factor to consider is where your strengths and/or areas of interest lie. Take a few minutes to create a list of topics you would like to study or would like to know more about. This will assist you in dropping out of options that do not favour your strengths in a particular area or job. For example, if your natural calling is numbers and logical thinking, the list of potential study fields should include mathematics, accounting, economics and so on.

Also, consider the subjects in which you have had some difficulties ever before. This means that one should not select many challenging subjects, as this will affect the student’s or learner’s grades.

Exploring Different Subject Combinations

Since there are many IGCSE subjects, it is important to discuss some options and consider the best IGCSE classes to choose from. Consider this when choosing subjects so students know what university courses and careers to pursue. In some cases, where the applicant’s degree is specific, such as a degree in medicine or architecture, the applicant must meet the specific IGCSE subject requirements.

Choosing opposite subjects can also help you stay flexible in your career choice since you can switch between the two fields without too much difficulty. For instance, choose humanities-related subjects along with science and mathematics. This will broaden your area of concern in terms of future course options.

Seeking Guidance

Getting advice from counsellors, teachers and seniors who are well-versed in the IGSCE curriculum can be of significant importance when making choices. They can assist you in learning what the subject requires of you, what courses it is best to take with it and how to deal with the challenging parts of each course. Join organisational meetings held at schools to address any issues concerning IGCSE subject choices.

To Conclude

It is, therefore, important to choose appropriate IGCSE subjects while keeping in mind your interests, abilities, planned vocations and the requirements of each subject. This way, it becomes easy to work towards hitting a middle ground between the desired subjects and those in which one stands a better chance of passing the IGCSE exam.

Our experienced counsellors at Optimus Academy assist students in making decisions throughout the process of choosing the right IGCSE subjects. Call today and help your child make the most of their subject selections in the best IGCSE classes in Borivali.

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