Tips for Excelling in IGCSE Business Studies and Economics Classes

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  • Sarvesh Purekar
  • 11 Jul, 2024
  • 2 Mins Read

Tips for Excelling in IGCSE Business Studies and Economics Classes

If you have opted for the IGCSE, subjects like business studies and economics might seem challenging, especially if you are willing to study without an IGCSE coaching centre. 

So, how do you overcome these hurdles and difficulties without letting them affect your scores?

Delve into this blog and explore effective tips and tricks to ace these subjects effectively.

Tips and Tricks: Driving Success in Business Studies and Economics

Following are some of the best tips and tricks that you can apply to score better in Business Studies and Economics in school exams or in the IGCSE tuition centre. 

  • Gain an Understanding of Exam Formats 

First and foremost, you must be properly aware of the exam paper patterns and other exam formats for these subjects. Knowing which subtopics will be covered in these subjects and the exam pattern can help you grasp concepts and prepare accordingly.

  • Create an Effective Study Plan 

Crafting an effective study plan and schedule is necessary as it creates discipline, helps to maintain consistency in learning, and revises the concepts and formulas in a timely manner to avoid last-minute stress and anxiety.

  • Take Notes Regularly 

When it comes to formulas and concepts, notes are the best way to remember and recollect them. So, by taking notes on a regular basis, you can make the harder concepts and formulas easy to refer to and revise.

  • Master Easy Concepts and Formulas 

Grasp and gain a better understanding of key concepts and formulas that are easy to learn and remember. By creating a strong base in business studies and economics, you can learn advanced concepts, formulas, and techniques with clarity and ease.

  • Apply Theoretical Knowledge to Real-world Scenarios 

Applying theory to practice is a good strategy to create a strong foundation. The more you try to connect and apply theory in real-world scenarios, the more you will stay confident about your understanding of that particular concept or formula/ technique.

  • Give Practice Tests

Practice is everything. If you dedicatedly start giving practice tests, solve past-year papers, and analyze your mistakes, you can improve your performance on a much higher scale while mastering the important questions and time management techniques.

  • Regularly Clear your Doubts

Make a habit of clearing all your doubts as and when they arise, especially those related to the derivation of formulas and complex business concepts. Do not hesitate to ask even the smallest question, as it can later create an obstacle. This practice can help you stay confident and focused on your exam goals through consistent hard work.

  • Engage in Class Discussions 

Engage in various activities and insightful discussions conducted by your IGCSE coaching centre. This can help you expand your knowledge and understanding of various topics that might be helpful in your exams.


To excel in IGCSE subjects such as Business Studies and Economics, consistent practice, time-to-time doubt solving, penning down important points, and revising complex concepts and formulas on a regular basis are necessarily important.

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