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    7 Advantages of Vacation Batch

    Completion of syllabus before school

    Stay a step ahead than peers

    No hassle of running from one class to another during regular school

    Enough time available for self study.

    Spare time available for extra curricular/ co-curricular activities during regular school

    Systematic study plan to ensure constant touch with syllabus

    Timely support for doubt solving post vacation batch

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    Why Choose Us

    Highly experienced faculties

    Our team includes subject experts having minimum qualification of Masters degree in their subject.Additionally, every teacher has minimum experience of 5 years teaching in IGCSE curriculum.

    Systematic Assessment Plan

    Daily assessment via Exit tickets and cumulative exams helps us to ensure that student’s progress is monitored, problem areas are identified and addressed in real time.

    Exhaustive study material

    Our well curated study material includes concise notes, chapter-wise worksheets, formula sheets and sheets of HOT (Higher order thinking questions).

    Multiple learning options

    The options for group tuition and classroom coaching helps students choose the right option for them and excel in their academics accordingly.

    We are truly IGCSE experts

    With our expertise and long experience of working exclusively in Cambridge curriculum we just know the right methodologies required for Cambridge IGCSE and we train our students accordingly. Our consistent results speaks the same for us.


    Subjects Offered

    PhysicsMathematics (0580)Business studiesComputer science
    ChemistryAdditional MathematicsAccountsICT
    BiologyInternational MathematicsEconomics
    Combined Sciences
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    Your IGCSE Vacation Crash Course FAQs Clarified

    What is vacation crash course batch?

    It’s a vacation course wherein majority of IGCSE syllabus will be covered in summer break and Diwali break.

    How it is different than regular batch?

    In regular batch students have to attend class everyday during regular schooling days whereas in vacation batch since most of the syllabus is covered in holidays students will only come to classes on weekends during regular school.

    Who are the students the vacation batch is designed for?

    Vacation batch is only for students entering in Grade-9 of IGCSE curriculum.

    How will the syllabus be covered in only 2 months? Will the quality be affected?

    No. In vacation batch we will be teaching for same number of hours as we would in regular batches. Quality won’t be compromised in any case.

    Will students have no connect with classes/teachers after vacation batch?

    Students will be coming to class every weekend for solving test papers and getting their queries solved.

    Will students be given with assignments if there are no regular classes once school starts?

    Yes, students will be given with weekly assignments for each subject and they have to submit those assignments over weekend when they visit class for solving tests.

    How students will solve their doubts post vacation batch is over?

    Students can meet teachers on weekends with prior intimation or we will keep doubt solving sessions (online/offline) to get queries resolved

    Won’t students forget the syllabus if they are learning it in vacation?

    No. Our assignments and weekend exams are designed to ensure that students remember the concept for longer time and help them prepare well for exams.

    Who should join the Vacation Crash course?

    Anyone who is willing to finish learning IGCSE syllabus in advance before school should join Vacation batch. Students associated with any sports, co-curricular activities and wish to continue those in Grade-9 and 10 will mostly be benefitted from this.

    What are the benefits of joining vacation course over regular course?

    As students have studied the syllabus in advance, they have ample time for self studies, solving past papers and concrete their understanding required to crack IGCSE exams. Students also won’t have hassle of running from one class to another during regular schooling days which will keep them energetic.

    Which subjects will be offered in Vacation batch?

    Vacation batch will offer major subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Business Studies

    Can we select particular subjects and not all for vacation batch?

    Yes, you can select any 2 subjects (minimum) instead of going for all subjects in vacation batch.

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